In Red, I Fly


Okay, don’t get me wrong… I am gone for a while but it doesn’t mean I came back with my preference changed. Okay? Haha kidding aside, this is just a quick post featuring the photographer behind these great shots. She is Alliah Salvacion, everyone! A great photographer in the making!

Just to give you some background, she is my batch mate at STI Ortigas-Cainta. Grade 12 student as well. We became friend through Facebook. I commented on some of her photos/posts, vice versa, then we exchanged messages then yeah haha!




Despite of my tangled schedule I still had a chance to shoot with her since she invited me and I can’t refuse it because to be honest this is the first time that someone invited me to have shoot and use meΒ as the subject. I am beyond excited because as she said, I am her first ever model!


Everything behind the camera is smooth sailing ’cause we really work well together. She guided me on what to do and where to face according to natural lighting. I learned a lot from her regarding photography, seriously! We also shared things about our personal style and our passions which are very similar that’s why we became closer. We talk about lot of things during the shoot. Our tandem is really perfect I should say. The chemistry is there, our passions, aesthetic and everything!

At her age ( she is younger than meΒ ), the passion in her is very evident and it was obvious in her shots. I linked her Facebook and if you guys have time or love to see her photos, do check it on her Facebook account.




She also commended me for being a good model. She said that I really know my angle and how to pose well. I am overwhelmed because modeling is my passion and to be a great model is my dream! My heart skips that moment she said it, for real! The confidence in me really boosted up!



I thank Alliah for the opportunity she have given to me because after she posted it I received lot of compliments and guess what! A college student from our school sent me a message and she is also inviting me to have a shoot with her! ME AGAIN AS THE SUBJECT! Oh Lord, thanks a loooot! This college student said that she have seen lot of my photos and I am fit on what model she is looking for! Say whuuut?! Thank you Lord for these people who see the potential in me!Β Today was supposedly our photo shoot but since there is a typhoon, we moved it next Saturday and I am so excited!

I am really overwhelmed these past days because of those opportunities and school works but thanks God, again, because I really took advantage for the consecutive suspensions! The rain is not that strong, I and my classmates got a chance to manage everything regarding school projects.Β Now that I am almost half through, I have to finish them before their due dates.

Everything happened to me lately are so surreal and overwhelming and I thank our God with everything. I had these opportunities, I balanced it well together with my school works, everything is safe and sound even it has typhoon! Thank you Lord for real!


Alliah said that this would definitely not our last shoot because we really work well together and I am really looking forward for more! We decided to schedule our next shoot when our time is finally smooth and free.

About the Outfit

Top – Romwe

Wrist Watch – Casio



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