Sweet, Spice and Everything Nice



Disclaimer: I really commend myself for writing this content ‘on the spot’! As in without doing any draft or anything else so if you notice something wrong, bare with me. LoL!



Now that I’m really busy, it is a sign that school requirements/projects and anything in between are now approaching. Though I got my planner with me, I still can’t find a spot to make my blog at the top of my list. But since this is my life I’ll write an update just for you mah readers! *Cheezy*

The first month of school year blown me away, seriously! At school, I already struggle at some point since now that I’m in my last year of my Senior High School I am so pressured to do well.

So I, together with my Classmates of course, already done with our first laboratory session in our school. Our first session deals with making different kind of coffees and making our own recipes. For just all of you to know, I am not a coffee lover ( but now I am trying to love it! ) Anyways, I’ll make another content to show you our coffees since I am so proud with what I’ve done haha!

Aside from it, we are already starting with our Practical Research. Our topic is a food with a mix of an alcohol. As the leader of the group, I thought of something unique to present so we came up with a plan of doing a Cupcake with Lambanog. Interesting don’t you think? Now what’s more stressful is the process of doing the research itself.

( If you are wondering why everything I am saying here are regarding with drinks/beverages, if you are religiously reading my blog, you know that I’m a Grade 12 student taking Restaurant and Bar Operation Service. And if you are new in my blog, WELCOME 🙂 And now you know! So that’s why! )


Another thing that’s making me kinda anxious is… Uhmm I won’t tell it directly but let me ask you a question. What would you feel when you found out that your friend is having good time with your ex guy? I know you’re all smart and you know what I mean. We girls, got this unspoken rule that once you end up with a guy, you as friend, do back-off. BUT not with this friend. So yeah, okay, ahmm… get over it. Just move on tho.

I won’t emphasize it more. I’m just so bothered with it.


So after a problematic intro I also have good news! Thanks Lord I have. So there is a Web Designer offered me a deal regarding with my Blog. He is a newbie Web Designer and he asked me that he will design a website for his portfolio! It makes me so excited! Every details is according to what I want and what makes me happy here is he will do it for me for FREE! Oh yass! He said that my website is about to finish but I don’t know when, so just watch out!



Everything happens in my life is, I know, according to God’s will. And even it is stressful, I know he will help me to get through! He will help us to get through.


About the Outfit

Crop Top – Forever 21

Shorts – Thrift Store

Belt & Cat Ears – Sm Department Store

Shoes – Vans

Wrist Watch – Casio

Bag – Thrift Store



  1. Nice photos! Told ya, you don’t need an expensive camera just to have good photos. Keep it coming, babe! 😉 Regarding the ex thing, I have experienced that way back in high school. That’s totally not acceptable but of course time will pass by and you’ll get over it soon. Just focus on your self muna. Good luck on your school! xoxo.

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