Happy Anniversary!




Guess what!? It’s my blog’s first anniversary!!! Cheers!!! I never thought I’ll make this far, seriously. Before I’m just posting my #Ootds on my social media accounts then I discover some bloggers to the point that I really want to be like them! And now that I’m already like them, I’m a blogger now ( BUT not as legit as them, but I hope someday! ) I could say that I’m living one of my dreams!

At first, I thought it will be hard for me because being a fashion blogger is a one-man team. It is not easy, yes. You’re your own stylist, the model, of course the author, the make-up artist sometime and photographer as well because there are times that you have to trust the self-timer haha, and even you’re your own creative director. But the thing is, when you love what you are doing you will never get tired of making it over and over again and you will not even consider it as hard, right?!


In my first year of blogging I could say that I somehow did great already. I am once a reader and a wanna-be, but now I am who I want to be! I inspire others and that is my goal and why I keep on doing this. It is overwhelming to think that there are some people who sent me messages and telling that I inspire them, that I am producing good contents and with that it makes me strive more!

So yeah, since it is Anniversary content, some may think that I’m going have a Giveaways but I want to say sorry because I don’t have YET but I promise soon.

This time all I can give are my own experiences in blogging, the lesson I learned and how I grow for the entire year of doing this.



Know Yourself.

I believe that before you start blogging you should have these plans in your mind. You should know what you want to share, your niche, the blog’s name, and your possible audiences. It will help you to go straight at the direction towards a good Blog.


Be Inspired.

 Always inspire yourself to create good contents. Sometime when you’re uninspired the result will be evident on your blog. I experience it before to the point that I’m just writing because I just want even it has no sense. It’s pointless. You should always write with heart and sweat on it. Think of it, how will you inspire others if you yourself aren’t, right? You should be inspired first to produce a one good content.


Create and Meet Goals.

Before I enter this world I make sure that I envision myself first how far will I be in this field? I created all my goals inside my head and meet them one by one as I pursue my dreams. I want to achieve them for me to grow and be an effective person in this industry. Create your dreams, fix your goals and help yourself to get ‘em.


Stay Positive.

Always think that you’re going places. That you’ll go far than where you are right now. Be optimistic all the time and spread it!


Learn to Interact with Your Audiences.

You know what is good for your blogs BUT your readers know better how it will be great. I mean, in every contents that you’ll post, try to put a subtle questions and let your readers answer it because the feedbacks from them will help you to do good. Or in your social media accounts, try to post some questions regarding what to post next or what they want to read from you. It is an effective way of interacting and engaging with your audiences. Consider them as your boss because me, personally, I’m doing it for them. I want them to be inspired and be their true self.

19224869_1743863938972111_5586805610104508520_n (1)

Avoid Negativities.

There are people who will try to bring you down, always. I got some and I consider those people as helpful. Yes. Instead of stressing myself to them, I take their critics as constructive criticism. I’ll try to shut my mouth and let my success be my voice as I keep on pursuing my dreams. Let them say what they want to say and just show them what you got! Ignore them and learn how to deal with people like them, they will never gone.


Surround Yourself with People that Inspires You.

I am grateful to have my friends and family always at my back to support me all the time. They are my inspiration in writing, especially my friends because we express same passion which is dressing up. Also, there are people I consider as my second family who express same passion in blogging/writing. They are the people behind the Filipino Bloggers Movement. They are the one who I asked regarding my blog. This movement is about helping each other through exchanging ideas, grow as individual in the world of blogging and to express same passion just like what I’ve said, and support each other’s back. If you are planning to build your own site I encourage you to join our movement. The site can be found in my Home Page on the right side. I linked it as well. 🙂


Ask Questions.

Smart people are those who ask questions. They are the one who wants to learn more. Never get shy in doing it because all you want to do is to learn, grow and translate it as your knowledge to share it to everyone.


Be Authentic.

Never ever try to copy others. Think of how to be different or best way to stay true to your own self. We all know that blogging is being mainstream nowadays and that makes us hard to convince others to be our audience. But the key for me is to be unique. Just be you. And to have an inviting website, it should be connected to your veins. Your personality must be evident in your blog then that makes you authentic because you’re writing not others life, not others characteristic but your life and own true self.


Just Do It.

If you want to start blogging and you’re looking for a sign, YOU ARE NOW READING THE SIGN. This is the sign you are looking for! When will you start if not now? If you’re having doubts, I’ve been there before.  But look, go back above and read what I’ve said in the third paragraph… “I am once a reader and a wanna-be, but now I am who I want to be!

Now that you already read this, I encourage you to start your own if you really want to. If you already have then let me know because I would love to check it! Goodluck!

19225160_1743864105638761_8919750560792680197_n (1)


So yeah! I hope this is helpful. I’m looking forward for more years doing this. And before I end up this content, let me share this quote from Penelope Trunk,

“A blog is a great way to figure out what you want to do with yourself because writing regularly is a path to self-discovery.”

Now, go and write, learn, grow and figure out yourself through blogging.

Thanks for dropping by!




  1. happy anniv! i’m a newbie to blogging and quite a bit lost. your tips are helping me to think better and find my way. thank u. hope to reach that same point, too! my blog cestlaviecharyz.wordpress.com and any advice from you would be amazing . congrats again!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. hi there. just an update that i moved sites to my own cestlaviecharisse.com i followed ur advice and kept writing and now the assignments are pouring in. thank u so much!


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