Another Roller Coaster Ride


A  new school year means a year of exams, home works and projects but there’s no need to get stressed, right? As a student I know how it feels to be pressured in deadlines, to do good things in school and to exceed someone’s expectations academically. Because of these we tend to forget our own self… BUT! Worry no more. I listed all down the things that will help us to be still in shape despite of our concerns! And I hope it will help you in your daily lives.


1. Make a planner. It will help you to stay organized and avoid missing any deadlines or any activities in school.


2. Stay healthy. Eat proper foods and avoid eating unhealthy stuffs. Your mind should always be fresh to absorb all the lessons in school. Also, drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. Hey, I know! We all know this since we were still kids but the thing here we should keep this in mind because water is very important in our health. Water helps our body free from toxins. Aside from that, water is good in our skin. Soon enough you’ll see the results of it like you’ll feel lighter and refresh all the time.


3. Still be active. Getting busy in school will hinder you to do all your physical activities. If your schedule wont allow you go to the gym then find at least a time in your week to exercise even just at home.


4. Adjust your sleep cycle. Now that vacation is done it also means that long nights are over as well. School is back and we should get enough sleep to take long rest so set aside your vacation-night routine and give yourself a curfew. As a student rest is a key to keep your mind fresh and cool. Also it will help you to wake up early and avoid rushing to your classes in the morning.


5. Hands off to your gadgets. I am guilty of sleeping really really late at night because of my phone so I really have to incorporate this to myself. I know some of you can relate in what I am saying then we should stop using gadgets till midnight to achieve the long rest we are aiming. Keep away your phones or any gadgets you are using and place it on a place far from you ( place it where your hands can’t reach it haha ) so we can lessen the temptation of checking it at night.


6. Make time. Do not drown yourself with school activities. Make time for your family and friends. They are the one who will help you to diminish the school stressed AND yeah, they are our inspiration that’s why we are trying to do better in school.


7. Always motivate yourself. Before leaving home face the mirror and tell yourself that you can survive your day. Keep looking for a things that will inspire you. Always keep on your mind the reason why you are studying. Think of your parents. Your dreams. Your future. And why you started.


8. Don’t pressure yourself. Go back to number 1. Make a planner. Fix your schedules. Don’t push yourself to the limit. Breathe out and relax. If it’s not the deadline yet then chill. Pressuring yourself will do no good it will just ruin everything and it can just make things worst.


9. Be neat all the time. As the new school year started it is important to give a good impression to everyone. Wear clothes appropriately. Wear light make ups. A spray of a perfume can be a start of a a good conversation. And lastly, a good breath can maintain a good conversation.


10. Be an inspiration. Share this to your friends. Share what you learn and encourage them to do the same if it helps you. Hey, don’t be selfish! They are also experiencing stress so give them an advice that you know could help them. 🙂


For the outfit, I am wearing a very breathable Polo shirt from Lacoste. I love it really, it is cotton and very comfortable since it’s stretchable and suit to me well. I paired it to my black pants and put my suspender to give a preppy feels in this look. And instead of wearing the usual black shoes for a back-to-school look, I used my shoes from Skechers instead. If you noticed I also wearing glasses because I am actually wearing one sometimes because my eyes really need it, if you know what I mean haha. Effect of too much using of gadgets!


There you go! Every school year is a roller coaster ride for sure, therefore maintaining the balance in your life is a must. Share these stuffs to others so I somehow could help to lessen the counts of students who are also struggling in their school. I hope this is helpful guys!

Thanks for dropping by!



  1. You’re killin’ it, haha! Your tips are really helpful (especially to me). I often get lost whenever I misplace my planner that’s why I keep most of my notes on my phone because I know I won’t lose it; unless malowbat. Wow Jean! Paganda ng paganda yung contents mo; ako naman paunti-unti nang naglalaho sa blogging world, just kidding. Keep up the good work.

    P.S. Gusto ko paring i-snatch yung getup mo.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Hahaha ako this time ko lang susubukan mag planner kasi sobrang miserable ko kung di ko ioorganize sched ko ngayon hahaha. Lalo na this g12, hassle for me! But di ka na kasi nag uupdate?! 😞 This week try mo naman, mawawalan ako ng kakampi sa blogging.. hahaha!
      And about the outfit! Ahahahah suspender is the key 😉 just wear the best fit polo shirt then the right pants tapos yon hahaha 💕 Thank you again hihi 😄

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hindi bagay sakin yung ganyan, haha.. Hanggang sa loob ng bahay lang me makakapagganyan, kung saan walang manghuhusga. About sa planner; yes! You should definitely try it, pero if written ToDo List doesn’t work for your try mo yung Google Keep. Maganda yun application, still using it tsaka helpful yan pagdating sa taking down notes kasi accurate. Tick boxes fo lyf!

        Oo naman, hindi natin hahayaang gumuho ang mundo ng blogging. 😉
        Hindi kasi ako makapagedit ng thumbnails tsaka featured photos ngayon; nakakafrustrate ang dami ko pa kasing kailangang isubmit.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Hahahahaha figure out mo muna yung bagat sayo then you can recreate naman the look with the appropriate clothes naman para at least comfortable ka 😃 And yeah the planner, may written ako then may copy ako sa Google keep hahaha kaka update ko lang last week and maganda yung update kaya yon hahaha.
        Kahit once lang this June, edit for some then kahit isang content lang para di nababakante blog mo 🙂 Sayang e hahaha, or finish first nalang muna yung mga susubmit mo ng maaga as much as possible para makapag edit ka na at makapag sulat na ulit hahahah 😄

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Hahahah thank you 😅 kami today, first day since no classes ako every Monday kaya before maging busy nag post na ko ng isa hahaha! Kaya goodluck sa school year na to!


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