I’ts Just About the Time


“Summer is done

and we’ve had our fun.

But this isn’t the end of our story…”

If you also love Phineas and Ferb I am sure you are familiar with that song lyrics. The song is entitled Time Spent Together and it was played on Phineas & Ferb Last Day of Summer where the characters are having good time remembering their summer days. As I heard the song while my younger brother is playing it on Youtube it makes me feel kinda sad because of it’s melody and the flow of the song. Aside from that it is relatable since summer season is about to get over.



June is fast approaching and busy days are getting real! This past few days it’s giving me a hard time to balance my time since I have to go in our school to enroll myself then I also bought my school stuffs also for my brothers. Well my mom is there as my accompany but still days are tiring cause of some circumstances.

Things like those are just a sign that Back-to-School Days are really coming and I think I’m not ready yet to be honest because I have to adjust myself again in different aspects such us my time of sleeping and my time for my school sched.


Well I have to say that this summer is not as exciting as my previous ones because I don’t have much getaways this year but good thing is I learned something as I spent the entire summer just in my room. LoL! I mean I’m just here in our house most of the time during the season and as the time flows I realized that earning money is important. That’s one of the things I learned since my parents did not gave me money this summer as a lesson for me. They want me to learn how to spend money wisely and earn for myself so in case there’s an emergency I can use my own.

So this coming school year I assure myself that I will earn money so if there’s a thing I want to buy, I won’t rely on my parents anymore.


I also realized that time is really important. I’m a friendly person so yeah, I have lots of friend but it has a disadvantage for a person like me who don’t know how to juggle my time. I have different circle of friends and there are times during summer that I can’t go with my other friends since I am torn of whom I going to meet. I’m so suck in remembering my schedules and balancing my time ugh!

This school year since I am incoming Grade 12 and for sure it will be a roller coaster ride. So I decided to make a Bullet Journal to organize my time wisely and efficiently. If you’re not familiar with Bullet Journaling I suggest you to watch different tutorials in Youtube and try to make for yourself. It is like a Planner but in a creative way. It is really helpful I swear!


And yeah… about the outfit haha! That moment my family went to Binangonan, Rizal to visit my Lola. I decided to wear see-through top that I bought at thrift store before. I paired it with my fave distressed shorts ( if you are reading my blog I’m sure that you’re familiar with this piece ). Then I added my Floppy hat to make a western vibe and it looks so effective, right!? Also loving how my sunnies blend in the whole outfit together with my sandals which both of them were bought just in Tiange! Yah I loveeee Tiange!

18671201_1712967605395078_572732130860112333_n (1)18664426_1712967655395073_1947124228877538729_n

Going back to the song from Phineas and Ferb, this ain’t the end of the story! Yasssss, everything I learned this summer will surely applied to the next chapter of my life.

To continue the song these are few lines in the chorus that I also want to emphasize…

“It’s not about the summer sun

Or even all the thing we’ve done.

It’s not about the change in the weather.

It’s just about the time we spend

with our family and with our friend.

It’s just about the time spent together.

So there you go. I hope you enjoyed your entire summer and I hope you also learned few things for the short span of time during the season. Good luck for the next school year!



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