Wishing I Was Also There…


Coachella is a Music Festival where you can do whatever you want. Endless parties, full of music, great fashion, foods and everything under the sun ( literally ) till the night. How I wish I can go there together with my best friends.


If I have given a chance to get there I will not hesitate to grab the opportunity because I think Coachella is where I belong. I mean, I will surely enjoy there because to see lots of people with a great style will inspire me of course and aside from that I’m a musician and I want to explore the event to expose myself in different genre of music. And also I would love to meet different people at the event.

But yeah, since I have no earnings yet Coachella Escapade is still on my bucket list.


As I sit here writing this content, I’m actually listening to music just to put myself in the imagination of I hope I’m also in the moment dancing and singing with the great tune of music. The past weekends I’m just in my room, for real, and watching the Coachella Live stream in Youtube. That moment I could only imagine how fun and awesome must be there!


I’ve seen a lot of outifts over Instagram and that what inspires me to create this look.


I wear an earthly toned colors to associate it in the desert at Coachella. To make it looks cool and refreshing, I wore my V-neck top as off-shoulder then I tucked it in with my DIY cut outs I made with prints of a flame. ( How I wish I can show you how I did it but believe me, it took forever to achieve that prints haha! )


And since Coachella is about wearing fringes, leather, distressed and anything altogether that how I wish I could also slay just like the Queen Vanessa Hudgens and Shay Mitchell does, I just can’t. I think over dressing is not for me. So instead, I’ll keep things lowkey. I just add up layer of chockers to make it more edgy and to give some Coachella vibes.


My goal is to go at Coachella before I reach the age of 30. That time I hope I have enough money to get there haha. Hope you enjoy this look and if you’re going to a Music Fest even here in the country I hope you can get some idea with this one.

Again, as I’m always saying, keep comfort in mind specially in this kind of event!


Anyway, this content is not supposed to be this way. I was asked by a sponsor to create a blog about Summer Festival essentials but since there are some problems, I never get a chance to write for them. SAYANG BES!




  1. ang ganda ng choice of shorts mo.. i love the print so much. I find it awesome that you did it on your own. How i really wish you did a DIY video of that. who knows, baka future mo pala yan!

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