Easy Going


I’m the kind of person you’ll never see wearing just a plain top, pants and a pair of kicks. Usually when I’m going out I’m wearing noticeable stuffs but not over the top, if you know what I mean. This time I don’t know what crossed my mind why I choose to stick in laid back outfit instead of my usual go-to outfit.


Distressed boyfriend jeans are back in the trend and admittedly I’m a big fan of the piece. Well because for me you can never go wrong with this one. Aside from this cool look, I find comfort in this kind of jeans because of its distressed details.


All you need to nail this jeans is to look for a good top. I decided to wear this top I bought at Sm Department store because it is refreshing in the eyes. The prints of this is very catchy this summer as well. My bad, I didn’t produced a good photo to show clearly the cute print of the shirt I’m wearing!


To finished the whole thing, I just used my Skechers with mint color. Believe me, it’s mint! Haha.


Also, if you will notice I didn’t even put an accessories or even my watch. That time actually I forget it, lol. But if you’re going to try the whole outfit with your own distressed boyfriend jeans and statement shirt I suggest you to put minimal accessories then you’re good to go.

An easy going outfit for a person who has a loud style like me is a good thing. Just try to experiment with your style and go outside of your comfort zone.



  1. Wow! Those jeans are lit. I’ve been looking for something similar that’ll fit me but I guess that doesn’t work too, haha. I want to take photos of you badly. Let’s collaborate someday.

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      1. Where do you commonly buy your clothings? Most of my shorts are thrifted and sometimes I dye faded ones that I bought on stores inside a mall. Medyo unsatisfying talaga bumili lalo kapag hindi sakto tsaka walang nagkakasya. Kaya mas okay na din na bumili sa ukay-ukay kasi hindi kamahalan, hahaha.

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      2. In my case, wala talagang nagkakasya sakin na damit kahit yung shirts na nga lang na binibenta sa school baggy pa rin or masyadong masikip para sakin. Ooh, the daily problems of being small and skinny. Also, hindi rin ako ganun kaconfident para magsuot ng extreme/couture/swag fashion. Sa totoo lang baliktad tayo, haha! Sobrang laid back kong manamit.


      3. You look nice naman ah 🙂 pogi ka naman ah! I mean you’re face is a good foundation for confidence. Kung wala ka nyan mahihirapan ka talaga haha! Pero laid back style is good naman, perfect nga sya sayo since di ka naman mukhang experimental. Haha! pero try mo pa mag explore since sabi mo ttry mo mag lagay ng fashion content 😄

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      4. YES! You saw that part! I’ve recently watched a series and I got really inspired to, y’know, express myself thru clothings. It’s called GirlBoss- I swear it’s good. You should check it out sometime. About the face… I don’t know, lol.


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