Black for Summer


They said that black or dark colors aren’t for summer because they believed that it is a heat absorber. Well yeah, it is correct but it doesn’t mean we can’t wear black for the entire summer.

16406841_1557134957645011_4826025311175279779_n (1)16298790_1557135064311667_6207437408654451065_n I told myself so many times that I will not wear black clothes this summer because we all know that in every years that is passing by summer season is getting hotter and hotter. But how can I avoid black colors if my closet is filled of these stuffs, right? I guess even some of you guys haha.

Instead of setting aside all of our dark stuffs, try to create a look that will allow us to still wear some of our dark clothes even in a hot season.


Plain black tops are one of my closet’s essentials, we all know that it can be worn anytime. Just to add some flavor in this outfit, I wear my Kimono to cover me from the sun. The print of it gives an effect of reducing the heat that sun could give.


Scarf are in trends, right? I used this piece as my headpiece because, for me, it will help us to absorb the sweat that is coming out. Also, Sunnies are summer essentials. Well I bought that one at Sm department store before. It catches my attention because it reminds me of Rihanna when she performs at Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show way back 2012. The only difference is her sunnies has pearls around it.


To finished the whole look I add up my sling bag where I can put my bottle of water ( to avoid dehydration ), some of my make-ups and my money. I also used just a plain and comfy sandals to keep my feet relax and cool.


If I’m going to a Summer Festival I’ll definitely wear this outfit. Well It is comfortable and light. It’s just simple and it’s not as hot as you think.

If you are going to use black clothes this summer season, all you just need to remember are wear light stuffs, choose a black shade and pair it in anything with a good prints and keep comfort in mind.



  1. Haha! I love this post because it’s highly relatable. Most of my clothes are in dark shades and black too. I don’t think that they absorb heat since I’m wearing black right now and I don’t feel hot. I believe it still depends on the temperature of the place you’re on. Also, that look’s very trendy. You’re definitely a WHI x Pinterest x Instagram person, lol. I love your kimono overlay.

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  2. I wear black regardless of the season here even though we only have hot and hotter. 😅 Black looks amazing how ever you style it, I’ve been seeing a lot of witchy themed summer OOTDs lately too.

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