Beat the Heat


Off-shoulder tops are always be one of my closet’s favorite. I find comfort in this piece and it gives me more confidence. Off-shoulder always makes me feel more feminine and aside from it this piece is sexy.


Since it’s summer, I wear my favorite off-shoulder and style it basically. I just pair it with my orange shorts from Wrangler and put my flower crown to make it more kinda summer-y look.


To finish the whole thing, I just wear my Nude sandals I bought, as usual, at Tiange.


When the summer heat is on, you can still feel cool in an off-the-shoulder tops or in any piece with this kind of style because your shoulders, neck and back are exposed.


And to make it more looks cooler, the colors I used in this outfit is just light and can associated to summer. It is really refreshing in the eyes, right?


Okay, now here’s the thing. We all know that not all of girls out there are comfortable with off-shoulder pieces because they think that it wont fit to them. Well, all I can say is why don’t you give it a try and exposed yourself in something new. Go outside your box and explore things. 17634477_1638738829484623_8658292185707425672_n17795726_1638738662817973_8489695407280619229_n

Fashion should always be fun. The secret here is just know your body type. Know what are the perfect off-shoulder for you then style it with the most appropriate piece you like. Even me, first I thought this wasn’t good for me but as I already know what are do’s and dont’s for my body, I finally embrace the piece.


Take advantage of this season because in summer, there is no excuse for piece like this! Just wear it with confidence. Show your shoulders like no one cares. Beat the heat!



  1. very well said, I love that you coordinate brands with thrift clothes, I sometimes do that because we all know we cater to a lot of people. Yazzz confidence is the key!!! on point ka jan girl … keep on inspiring

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