Should I Continue?


Last day, before the sun goes down, I went to the nearest place where I can see the sunset. I thought of lot of things as I watched the setting sun turned into a dark night. I asked myself, “Should I continue blogging?“. Yes I’m about to give up my passion because I think I’m not yet ready.


While eating my comfort food I told myself that maybe this field is not for me. That blogging is not for me. I’m losing my hope, seriously. Aside from I only have few readers, I guess I wasn’t enough to inspire them. Am I just being pessimistic?


The entire moment since I started blogging, I am only using my phone as my camera. Also this phone is the only thing I’m using to update my blogs since I don’t have laptop. It’s hard, yeah. But my eagerness to share my knowledge in fashion and my experiences are what makes me keep continuing.


My phone is Lenovo A5000 and I felt happy and thankful because it can produced a beautiful photos like these.


Before the day ends that time, I realized some things. Like maybe patience is the only key for me to get what I want in this field. As long as I can write, as long as I have knowledge and experiences to share and as long as my phone is alive ( lol ), I will continue blogging.


I’ll just wait for the time that I can buy my own Camera to produce a good quality of photos just for you, all my readers. Let’s just be patience.


I’m looking forward for that time to come. I’m more than excited. For now, I’ll just take care of my phone and write more blog for you all!


For my outfit, I wear my chambray top because this one never go wrong. I mean, chambray can pair in anything, right? And since I’m also wearing denim shorts that has significance on its color, it compliments really well to my black top. And to add some flavor, I finished the look with my cap and shoes that has a playful prints. Yay!



  1. There was a time where I also thought of quitting, but I think I love blogging so much. I just can’t quit that easy. And you have nice photos! I believe that it doesn’t matter if you don’t have the best camera. What matters is the content. I also use my phone for blogging. I don’t have any camera yet. I have a laptop, pero sobrang luma na nya ang dami ng sira, but still, I want to pursue blogging. It just makes me happy. I know you feel that way too, so don’t quit. If it makes you happy, then do it. 🙂 Nice meeting you btw! ❤

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  2. Aww, don’t give up on your dreams. Hindi yan sa hindi ka pa ready ngayon, or kung ready ka na ba. Instead, ask yourself that if you’re not ready now, when? Marami din naman akong doubts about sa blogging career, but that doesn’t matter as long as you have the eagerness and you’re willing to put your time and effort in it, which is evident naman sa blog mo. Also, you have to start somewhere before you succeed. If you’re rock-bottom, there’s nowhere else for you to go but to go up. You don’t need fancy stuffs to blog, but yes, you need them to work efficiently. Don’t worry yourself too much. We love your contents, and we’re loving them more. It doesn’t matter how much followers you have kung hindi rin naman lahat sila is willing magbasa at magsuporta. Remember this. Your contents aren’t meant for everybody, and your goals shouldn’t settle on pleasing every single one of us. Focus on what’s more important, yourself, and everything shall fall on their rightful places. Push lang Jean! I’ll/We’ll support your blog regardless. Ang galing mo nga mag-english e, in-addition to that you’re also a good writer.

    Stay awesome, humble, and pretty. 🙃

    Jason L

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    1. Awww thank you for motivating me, you speak like an old brother to me 😭 I will pursue blogging na talaga. The last comment I received and this one is enough to continue my dream in this field. In English… di ako magaling, feeling ko andami talagang mali trying hard lang talaga ko hahaha. I will screenshot this words para maalala ko lagi ❤ Thank you kuya!

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      1. You’re welcome Jean. ☺️
        You shouldn’t doubt yourself and you don’t need other people’s approval. Do anything that makes you happy. There’s no other way around maliban dun, hehe. Magaling ka, magaling ka, magaling ka. Sakin na nanggaling ah. 🤗 Keep up the good work.

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      2. Thank you talaga 🙂 ‘If ever’ na makilala yung blog ko, you’re one of people that I’ll surely never forget because you motivated me to continue this and you taught me to ignore everything and just pursue it. Seriously, nakakatuwa na nakakaiyak haha 💕 thank you from the moon and back! Sml kuya 😃

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