Summer Starts Now!


Summer has officially started, yay! As a student, summer is what we are all waiting for because this is our only chance to get relax, chill and forget the stressed cause of too much school works.

This summer, I have a lot of plans to do like spending most of my time with my family and friends. I owed a lot of time to them since I am busy juggling my school works and some projects. So I decided to reserved my summer for them.

So yeah, enough for too much introduction haha. I’m here for a new blog post!



To start my first content this summer, I want to share you my peaceful experienced at Birds I View Resort. Last summer ( yeah I know it’s late but let me share it hihi! ) my high school friends planned to go out f town but since some of us has no enough money we decided to go here at this resort. We chose this since the owner of this resort is the family of my classmate. It is a private resort with two pools and one kiddie pool. You can book this resort for any event like debut or birthday parties.


The place is very peaceful and relaxing. The trees are refreshing in the eyes and it is really quite in this place. The resort is located at Cabrera Rd. Brgy Dolores Taytay, Rizal.

Since as I’ve said, this is a private resort yet we got a chance to experience it at a very low cost since one of my classmate is the owner of Birds I View. Originally, the price of the whole place depends on their offered packages. If you want to know more information about it, go check their Facebook page Birds I View ResortΒ or you can email me in my Gmail account.

So enough for endorsing this Resort since this is not a sponsored content.


As we went to the resort, I already wore the pieces I’m going to used.


I wore my sheer top for me to move comfortably. I just put my cover ups to cover my body then I wore my sandals to finished the highlights of this whole outfit.These pieces was just bought at Tiange at very affordable price.


And of course, Β I bring my floppy hat I bought at SM department store. My floppy hat will serve as my savior from the sun hihi!


We really enjoyed the moment staying at the resort. I look forward for the moment we get a chance to go back there again!


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