ReBo Nailed It! We Slayed it!


Let me share the reason why am I so busy this past few months. Our section, ReBO ( Restaurant & Bar Operation ), was tasked to organize an event as our project. As students who are taking course that is just related in concocting beverages, of course we are new in this kind of field which is event organizing. Also, we are not even a culinary students so we are really struggling on how we are going to present foods that will satisfy our guests.

We as a section planned about what would be the theme of our event. We discuss multiple times just to present an event that is worth to remember. It took almost 2 or 3 months before we decide on what would be our final decision on the event.


So yeah, it’s funny how we come up with our event’s tag line,

Hugot is Life. Food is Lifer. But Voucher is Lifiest.”

We know that this is wrong but we have to make an interesting line that will catch the attention of people. Since we all know that people nowadays are Huguteros, so the theme we decided to create is like an open mic bars. A bar where you can perform Spoken Word Poetry or you can even sing.

What’s with the voucher? Well just for others to know K-12 students who are came from public schools has a vouchers that will lessen the payments in their schools but if the students failed their grades the voucher will be taken away from them ( just search for more information if you don’t understand my explanation. LoL ). So as one of them, as we are almost all a voucher holders, if we failed this subject our vouchers might be taken away from us haha. That’s why voucher is Lifiest!


The name of our event or our assumed own Resto Bar is Food Haven. It was name preferred by our Head Manager. She thought of  a name that is related to the ambiance of the event.

As the one who suggested to make the ambiance more rustic but in a modern way, I am really proud on what was the outcome of our event. The whole thing is really chilling. It was inviting in the eyes of every people who will enter the place, I must say.


The food we served was Pork Ribs marinated in a sauce with special ingredients.


For our appetizer we cooked a hotdog with bacon wrapped around it. Some professors said that it was delicious as well as our mushroom soup. It’s just sad to say that I have no other picture to show aside from this one.


For our dessert, we served Turon Split. A kind of Banana Split with a Filipino twist. This one becomes one of the highlights of our menu. It was really delicious and I am sure that people who loves dessert will surely love this one.

( If you want to know the recipes just comment below haha )


The comments from the head professors and other invited professors are really fulfilling. To think that event organizing aren’t our forte, we still manage to create this event smoothly. They told us that they are really proud on what we just presented!

It is very stressful to organized an event, yes, but believed me we conduct it grace under pressure.


The songs we played are acoustic songs and it was really pleasant in the ears since it is fit to the ambiance of the event.


So yeah, I performed as a guitarist and also I recite the Spoken Word Poem I made. I posted it on my Facebook if you want to check it. This was a nerve wrecking experience, for real. To perform in front of different Head Professors is not easy but Thank God I overcome my stage fright.



These people behind the venue are the one who I really commend. They are the one who put lot of efforts just to serve a very delicious foods. They are also the one who made everything possible.


And especially to this little girl ! She is our very own manager, Mary Pecson. I salute her for being on hand in this event. Even she was stressed and sick and tired of us, she never gave up. We are so proud of her! ( Sorry if the photos aren’t that clear. )


It is very challenging for us. But as a team, as a whole section works together, we overcome everything. At first we thought  we can’t do it but together as one, ReBo nailed it. We slayed it just like what we always do!



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