Plain With Prints


A good choice of a jumpsuit will never go wrong for an event such as reunions or formal parties. If you are trying to wear something new aside for a dress, a jumpsuit is the best choice.


I remember not being a fan of this piece because it is not flattering for my body. But the moment that my Tita gave me this one, I started to like this.Β This specific jumpsuit is my current closet favorite. It fits to my body, the prints are cool and it has pockets on the side which is very convenient. To be honest I already wore it thrice? I guess haha.


I wore this outfit at our semi-formal family reunion. I felt comfortable with this whole thing. And this is a versatile piece because you can wear it in any event. I also wore it at my friend’s birthday.



I finished off my look with my black sling bag as well as my gladiator flats I bought at Tiange.




    1. Hey, thank you! Well that’s my purpose anyway, to help someone through blogging! I’ll post more soon and I hope you’ll learn a lot from me hihi πŸ˜ƒ thanks again. Godbless!


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