Cloud 9


Finally me and my friends got a chance to visit one of the famous tourist spots in Antipolo which is the Cloud 9. The name itself will bring you closest at the highest peak of the City.


The place isn’t hard to find since as I’ve said this is one of the famous tourist spots at Antipolo City. It is located along the Sumulong Highway and it is very noticeable because it was placed at hilltop. The place was like an antique kinda preserved place because of its structured and how it was made. The decorations are classics too. It was all Instagrammable! Everything you can see there are elegant and classy for real, I must say.

You can also see the restaurant inside with a classic interior designs. Since we went there not for foods, I will not emphasize it that much. But if you will go here, the foods are not pricey and I’m sure it’s delicious.

So yeah, I consider the outfit I wear before we go there. I just wear my chambray top as cover for my tee because when we heard Antipolo City the first thing will comes to our mind is it was also known as Little Baguio. The air was so cold and the ambiance is significant to Baguio City maybe that’s why. Layering of tops are perfect for this place, seriously. Then to finish the whole look, I wear my Converse because it is very comfortable and perfect for the day.


What is more exciting with this place is their 360 Degree View where is before you can get there you have to go first at the hanging bridge. The experience is very surreal. We walk through the hanging bridge with just a net in between us. As we getting higher and higher, my feeling was just usual as I go up through out above, I am not afraid of heights so I didn’t feel scared at all. Yayyy thank you Lord! Haha.


As we arrived at the 360 Degree View, that was the time you will enjoy the whole thing. You will feel relax as you see the view from above. The place is peaceful, indeed. Everything you will see will lead your body to calm and peace.


There is also a room there where you can see these paintings and sketches.



Just to say, the place is very romantic as the sun starts to set. It was cloudy and you will see how sun will turn into a dark night. This is perfect for a simple date since Valentines’ is coming or even when you will propose to someone.



Since the night is approaching we never got a chance to see the city lights but regardless of that, the whole experience is great and it was a day to remember.


So let me introduce this guy next to me. He’s the one I always talked about. And yeah, he ‘still’ has a special place in my heart. 🙂

( Some of my photos are on my Instagram. )



  1. Hey, I really like your photos. Keep it up.
    About the food there; they’re not all “that good”, like really. Anyway, Thank you for visiting and appreciating my beloved Antipolo. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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