Nostalgic Feels

Nostalgic feels everytime I’m somewhere at the corner and the cold breeze of air touches my skin. It’s funny how I remember someone everytime I’m quite alone and it just made me caught myself smiling because I know I finally moved on.
I’m spending most of my time with myself alone. I help myself to get through, but sometimes my friends are there to comfort me. I’m happy now with help of them and I guess I’m ready for what’s possibly comes next to my life. Well with all being said, I just want to say that.. I’m back with a new blog content. LoL!

Since the Year started, the weather is quite cold. Layering of tops isn’t always the answer for this kind of season. I guess, right amount of clothes with a good texture and thickness will do.

As long as you are comfortable and you can carry what you are wearing, things will fall into place.

I’m wearing my black cardigan and paired it to my gray top to balance the colors. Then, I wear my distressed shorts to give this #Ootd an extra oomph! If you’ll notice the shoes I’m wearing it’s kinda cute because of its design, right? Look so unique!

This outfit is comfortable I must say. I hope I inspire you through this content!


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