2017 Game Plans

2016 is a great year I must say. Lot of ups, downs and it was like a roller coaster ride.

I learned a lot from the previous year and this year I want to be better version of myself. Those things I learned would probably my motivation and inspiration this 2017.

To make this year way easy-going, I listed my 17 Game Plans this 2017 that I’ll surely do to make myself the better one! I hope this things willl help you as well!

1. Be positive, stay positive.

2. Love more.

3. Care less.

4. Love yourself even more.

5. Invest more time for yourself.

6. Stay true to your self.

7. Be happy.

8. Stay away to negative people.

9. Value the people who value you.

10. Ignore the haters.

11. Always do your best.

12. Be productive.

13. Don’t chase people.

14. Chase dream, instead.

15. Don’t give up easily.

16. Slay!

17. Pray!

I know some of you are wondering why I used my selfies as a photos in this content instead of using more relevant photo…

… the answer is because I want to show how vain I am this previous year. Imagine I took lot of selfies like these. Haha LoL! Kidding aside, these selfies represent my whole personality to the previous year. I used it not to show you how vain I am but to show you what I can give more in the blogging world through my versatility as a person. That versatility in personality will help me to present myself as a blogger.

Again, Happy New Year guys! Please continue to follow my blog and I’ll do my very best to update you and learn something from me!


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