Lazy Day 

Nothing special happened since the vacation started. Same routine of sleeping, eating and scrolling my news feed up and down in my social media accounts.
My life is really boring, seriously.

Last day I went to my friend’s house then we went to mall just to make something new in my every day routine. I wore this oversized pull-over and paired it to my distressed shorts to give some flavor to this outfit. This was probably the most comfortable pieces I wore, so far, since the cold season started.

My new Converse also gives some accent in this outfit. Its zipper details behind, the silver color and the shiny effect of it in the dark are really fit in this go-to outfit.

Every time I go with my friends or even on just a simple occasion, I always put my eye make ups such as mascara and eyeliner. But this time I decided not to put any make ups on. I just put my glasses and cover my eyes instead because I’m so lazy, for real, even putting any cosmetics on my face. Yeah.

And seriously, this outfit is really comfortable and cozy!

I would definitely wear the same style again, soon. And I surely invest more oversized pull-overs for more lazy days go-to-outfit!


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