A Cup of Hot Chocolate and a Book

What I love about ‘Ber’ months are the air and the feels. This is the perfect time for everyone to channel their inner style into something that is not usual.

Layering outfits are what we do not usually wear everytime. We can just wear it in this kind of season. The air is quite breezy and cozy outfits are must have.

If you you’ll notice I am wearing three-layer-tops because I can’t really handle the cold air lately.

To make this layering thing kinda subtle, I chose a light brown shade of color for my underneath top which is the turtleneck then I add my second layer top with the same shade of color.

The prints on the second layer top gives an extra style on this outfit.

And to make it more cozy, I added my cardigan to finish the whole thing.

My sunnies and satchel bag made the outfit more stylish and vintage kinda look.

So yeah, a cup of hot chocolate and a book will make all things more perfect!


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