Wear It!

It’s good to be back!

I know some of my readers and followers are asking, why am I not that active unlike before? Well school works are really stressful and some of my reasons are personal that’s why I seldomly update my blog. Please do understand me! I cry.

But now that I have an update, I wish and pray that my readers are still there!

Okay, with that explanation I’m here for an outfit post. Yay!

Off shoulder rompers are still my closet’s favorite. Even we all know, girls, how hard to pee when wearing a romper pieces, it’s still chic and way sexy at the same time.

This outfit is kinda summer feels but I guess it’s still appropriate to our weather since the breeze of the air is quite cold because Christmas is approaching!

The details of this off shoulder romper and its shade is very pleasant in the eyes and the fit of this one is very comfortable to me. The silhouette is very playful and it gives me a shape.

I paired it to my sandals I bought at Tiange and put my floppy hat to balance the whole outfit. I also put a scarf to just to give a different feel.

Off shoulder pieces are no longer in trend but as person who knows your style and what’s the perfect stuff for your body, what ever piece it is, wheter it’s in trend or not, wear it!

Take this outfit as an inspiration. This outfit is perfect for a summer season yet I wear it. Well when the piece is not for this season it doesn’t mean you can’t wear it in anytime. Fashion is not seasonal.

When you want to wear something as long as you want to wear it, as long as it gives your body a comfort, as long as you love it, trust me there are no hindrances if that’s what you want.

Again, wear it! Fashion is not seasonal.


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