The ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ author, John Green, once noted on his book that “It’s the thing about pain… it demands to be felt“. Yes, I agree. Each one of us have been through the side effect of falling in love, which is pain. Some people crack jokes about it and some others are judging those people who’ve in so much pain cause of love. But those people never know how painful it is until they themselves experience it.

Being in pain is not easy. I myself experienced it not just once. I experienced what’s the real pain in falling in love. Its when you thought you were over him already but the truth is you’re just pretending and forcing yourself to get over him just to feel strong. Since I experienced it, I will tell you that pretending will never ever gonna work out. You will still see yourself crying in the middle of the night thinking of him, and reminiscing your memories together.

John Green is right. Pain demands to be felt. But for me, the only cure to the pain is to endure it until it’s gone. Bare with it. It’s the time which will help you to get over him. Try to smile as much as you can. Try to do different things that will make you forget him.

Now to you who I used to love. Thank you and sorry. Thank you for being the reason of my smile, before. Thank you for being my source of strength, before. Thank you for being my inspiration, before. Thank you for being the reason of my happiness, before. Forgive me for keep on holding on and I’ll forgive you for giving up. It’s hard yes but I’ll be happy again from now on. Not for myself but for those who cheers me up always. For the last time, thank you and sorry again. I love you… or should I say, I used to loved you.

So yeah! This content is way different than what I usually posting here in my blog. This is way serious and personal. You guys if you notice, it’s so ironic that in every pictures I still manage to smile even inside, I’m seriously in pain. You know how I still manage to smile despite of this thing happening on me? Simply because I know that God has a purpose in everything that happens on me or in us. He has plans for us, just surrender everything to him and trust him. And if you are seeking for real love and forever, trust me He will provide you these things. Psalm 100:5.



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