Change for the Better

People around me keep on telling that I changed a lot. They said I look more matured. My other friends also told me that  my hair is getting longer and my weight is losing. Well I don’t notice it, myself. I don’t know how come they said it, but that’s what they see. Maybe because of stress that’s why I changed at some ways? I don’t know. LoL.

To embrace those changes, I decided to go outside my comfort zone in terms of wearing my outfits.

This time I wore an off shoulder and romper which I’m not really into. Last month, I bought this one from Tiange. I’m not a big fan of Romper and off shoulder. Well we all know how hassle to get pee when you’re wearing romper, right? And since off shoulders emphasize my broad shoulders, I really don’t buy some of these pieces.

But for some reason, this black off shoulder romper caught my attention, so I bought it. I fell in love with its lace details on its sleeves and its color gives my body a good compliment.

I paired this romper to my studded flats from Forever 21 and to my D&G sling bag I bought in thrift store. My earings give some drama to this outfit.

At first it’s hard to adjust on the changes happening on us, but if we are going to read this quote from Robin Sharma,

Change is hard at first, messy in the middle, and gorgeous at the end.”

It will motivate you to go and pursue the changes happening in yourself.

And always remember that change for the better. Okay? ❤


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