Setting Sun

The sunset has a lot of meaning in my life. There’s an experience that I’ll surely never forget every time there’s a chance for me to see this.

The first time I saw the sunset was,  when my ‘friend’ left me. That time, I was really in pain. But as the time passed by, Sunset becomes my stress reliever. Everytime I saw it, tear just streams down my face and all of my stress are relieved. After that, sunset got a special place in my heart.

Days ago, I got a time to see the sunset again. I have to see it to throw away all my stress cause of too much school works and personal problems. Well I also got a chance to took some pictures just for blog sake. LoL!

Let’s now talk about the outfit na cause I’m really carried away na naman. LoL!

I absolutely adore wearing two different kind of pieces combined together. I fell in love with these pieces I am wearing.

This lace top was just bought in a thrift shop somewhere here in Taytay. It gives a sexy feels yet will look way conservative as I paired it to my printed-loose-pants, which my cousin gave to me. The print compliments to the texture of the top and the hues of this outfit are really refreshing as I associate it to the color of the sunset.

I’m in love with the silhouette cause I find it totally flattering for my body.What I feel wearing this outfit is surreal. It’s comfortable yet sexy, for me, since I’m not into laces and this one gives me different feels.

The whole outfit was dedicated to the sunset who never get tired of listening when I’m about to shout all the things happening in my life, everytime we meet. Thank you, Sunset!

Before I finish this new content, I want to share this quotation to you, “Let the warm glow of the setting sun kiss life’s hurts away.” Yes, just let the setting sun take it all away.


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