Urban Gaming 

It’s almost a month since I updated my blog! Well hello guys, I’m so glad that I finally found a time posting another content. If you’ve been following me on Instagram I used to post some photos that are related to the reason of why I’m busy this past few weeks. I used to post photos thrice or twice a week to update you guys on what is happening on me. And if you are also following me on Twitter, I bet you know the reason why I’m really stressed and why I seldomly update my blog. To be honest, I really felt guilty about the long time of not posting here since I’m really really busy and I don’t even have time for myself and for my blog. But from now on, I really promise that I’ll update my blog as much as I can, just for the readers!

For today’s post, I’ve decided to wear an outfit that I’m usually wearing for this kind of season. The weather here in our country is acting like a bit crazy because it’s very unpredictable. That’s the reason why it’s hard for me, and for others to pull-off an outfit that is appropriate in this tropical country.

 Well let’s go back to the outfit. As a fan of layering, I wore a button down as cover up if ever the rain strikes again. I paired it to my ripped-knee jeans to make it more urban kinda styling.

 To make the outfit more eye catchy, the details help me to emphasized the whole thing. The studs in the bag, the ripped on the pants and the design structures of the button down are all really good. The cap I’m wearing also gives a strong impact in this outfit ( by the way, that cap is just one of my DIYs ). I’m also a fan of this color combo so I don’t spent a hard time in choosing these pieces.

Till my next blog content! Have a good day.


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