School Boy

The long wait is over! We finally got our uniforms we all waited after almost a month. Though not all STI branches got their uniforms for Senior High Schools yet, Ortigas-Cainta got a chance to finally have! Cheers for that.

Let me include my uniform here in my blog because I want all of you to know how I really love it and how cute it is, lol. To be honest this is very comfortable. The cloth they used is perfect for our country’s climate, it was light and not that thick. The color they used is also fresh and unique since it’s combination of gray and blue, it is very pleasant in the eyes.

Sorry for updating my blog seldomly. I’m really busy doing lot of school activities like memorizing speeches and dance steps ( which are my weaknesses ) #StrugglesAreReal.

I don’t even have time for myself since I have no idea on how to juggle and play with my schedule. Things are really stressing me out for real but I still manage to smile because I know God will help me to make it through.

Let me remind you guys that when you have problems, never afraid to seek help with our Lord. He’s the only one who can help us. Smile and just trust him. John 14:1

By the way, I want to acknowledge my bestie for being my “instant” photographer lately. She’s the one who took all of these photos! Love you and thank you Alec Zapanta.


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