Busy Me

Just an update post before another week is about start. Laid back outfit for lazy day.

Sunday is the only day I could take a break from school and different activities. This is the only chance ( finally ) to post another content, too. Lately, my schedule is pretty crazy because of my projects and activities. That’s the reason why I seldomly check and update my blog.

How I wish I could finish studying in just a snap of my fingers. It’s very tiring and I know everyone will agree with me, lol.

Okay, going back to the outfit, didn’t do so much styling on this one. Just a basic polo shirt, chino short, sandals combo.

I think what’s interesting here is just the earthly color. The vibe and the combination is refreshing even it’s plain.

I Β always added my fedora in any of my ootd Β of course to cover me from the heat.

Minimizing the accessories is a good help, too. It’s comfortable for a lazy go-to outfit.

So I wore this outfit for a group study, so I just bring a mini bag for some notes and pens.

Don’t wear too much accessories and wear what makes you comfortable if you’re into basic and ready to go outfit.

So yeah, I promise I’ll update my blog again as soon as possible! Feel free to like and share!


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