Basic Boho

Boho is a style I am really into! Don’t be surprise. This style is what I am trying to nail every summer since it’s the perfect time to wear boho pieces. I really love summer because I can freely wear cool outfits. But now that the rain is slowly creeping in, it only means that summer is officially ended.

Boho dressing has always been something caught my attention. It is very romantic, carefree and very relaxing not just in the eye of others but also to the one who’s into this kind of style.

Before summer officially ends, I got a chance to wear this dress when me and my family visits my grandmother in the province. This dress is comfortable and very stylish.

The fact that boho is about playing with prints and fringes, I decided to make it more basic than what is usual. This dress was from H&M. It is just plain and has a slits on both sides and from the first time I saw this piece, I know would enjoy wearing it without a doubt!

I paired this dress with my nude sandals I bought in Tiange. It is adjustable so my feet are so comfy.

I thought of matching this lovely maxi dress with my denim cut outs with embroideries on the pocket side. My sling bag from Relic also fits in this outfit!

Everything is perfect, but not without my floppy hat to cover me from the sun!

If you ask me what is Boho, it is all about being natural. You don’t have to copy the style of others by trying hard to pair print into print or to nail fringes pieces. Just wear even the most basic piece you have in your closet with an earthly colors, it will help you to showcase your inner boho style in the most basic way. Don’t try so hard, be who you are and stay what you are.



      1. Hmm – I read about something similar once – a circumcision that went wrong (turned into a castration) so the surgeons constructed a vadge down there. But when puberty came around the kid did not feel like a girl and so, well, I guess she kind of cross-dressed.
        Why your parents treat you like that?
        Kindness – Robert.


      2. Because in our family, there’s no girl aside from my mother of course. I have two brothers and another cousins which is all boys. So to have a girl, they consider me as one and I’m happy for thay since I’m a gay.

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      3. Wow – I never really thought about it like that. I never really thought that my orientation would affect everything about me. There’s just so much other stuff. That is just one small part. It must be quite a powerful experience for you then.


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