I’m a Unicorn for a Day 

I try to own a pet like Unicorn because it is the cutest, the happiest, and the most colorful thing in the world, don’t you agree? Unicorn could be better accompany than Dogs, BUT! But it’s so sad to think that they’re not really existing.

The palette of this Ootd is a bit whimsical for me. The color mood, how I put the color altogether, the way it look is so inviting and it is kinda sweet like a cotton candy.

I adapt the color of Unicorns to this outfit instead of looking for a real one. Hope I could become as cute as one, as colorful as it, and happiest like problems won’t exist.

To escape the reality, someone told me that every people can be anything. So I become unicorn itself just for a dreamy day.

Come with me and leave everything behind. Let us become a Unicorn for a day.



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