Let Us Talk About Summer Fests

Summer festivals in Philippines are just like in other countries. It’s all about great tunes, great fashion, and great discomfort. But for me there is a thing that made us different and this is how we used to wear our outfits. Since we’re on a tropical country it’s hard for us to nail layering Ootd’s and beat the Coachella outfits. We must consider our climate in every Outfits we’re going to wear specially in the season of Summer.

The thing I wouldn’t forget if ever I go to a Summer Festivals is my Kimono or anything that could protect me from the heat. For top, wear something that you can move comfortably. Crop tops or muscle tees will do. To balance the whole outfit high waist shorts or any shorts will be perfect for you to still look fresh under the sun. And in choosing the best footwear, I really recommend to wear the shoes OR sandals that you can use comfortably till the end of Festival.

What ever outfit you decide to go with, keep comfort in mind.

I am also dreaming of experiencing foreign festival someday. I really wanted to go at Coachella Music Festival but since I can’t afford plane tickets and I can’t travel alone, I just promise to myself that I’ll be going there someday and dance with other people with the same beat of the music!

A music festival doesn’t happen every day. Savor it! Enjoy.



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