First Day of School Got Me Like…


I’m one of the first batches of K-12 students. I decided to enrolled at STI Ortigas-Cainta and I am taking Restaurant and Bar Operation under Technical Vocational track. K-12 program is way different than college and since I haven’t experienced being college, I don’t know how they differ but the thing I hope is sure is K-12 program is way lighter and way easier than college.


STI Admin said that the release of our uniforms will be on the month of July, so we’reΒ  going to wear civilian for the first month of classes. This is very challenging for me since I don’t have enough pants. My “Mix and Matching” skill will be tested here. If there’s a time, maybe I’ll go at the nearest ukay-ukay so I’ll buy only few since I’m not that person who’s into pants!


I want to leave a good impression to my new surroundings by how I dressed. Since it’s the first day, an outfit could be a good start of conversation.



I wore a white tee since its the most appropriate color, with a print of skulls on it so it wouldn’t be look so plain. I paired it to my brown Sperry and Vintage kinda looking Satchel to add some flavor.


Plain and unique but not boring.



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