Who’s Behind the “Well Dressed Lie”?


* Who’s behind the blog?

Jean Junic Fuerte is a typical teenage dreamer who wants to share his knowledge in fashion and also want to inspire others in his own little way, which is through blogging.


* How this blog differ from the other blogs?

This is him, too. Yes! That’s the twist behind his blog. He is a cross dresser and that is the reason why he called this blog as the Well Dressed Lie. He is capable of wearing women’s clothes and as well as to men’s. He wants to be versatile and unique in terms of fashion not just to be different but also to inspire not just girls, but the boys as well.


* Who are those people inspire Him to make His own blog?

He was so fascinated by the other bloggers that’s why he also wanted to pursue to enter the world of blogging. He was inspired by them and now, that is his goal, to inspire and make other gain their confidence!

* Aside from Fashion, what are the possible content of his blog?

He will also share his life happenings here, his experiences and everything about his self.


So hope you all guys enjoy his blog, and learn something from here!



    1. The thing siguro is di na ko gaano mag popost ng crossdressed outfits since lot of things are changed in me. Haha, besides I want to change my way of dressing na din and stick with more on manly looks kasi admittedly dami nag bago sakin physically haha. Yung girly ootd ko matagal na kasi e, ngayon ko lang naipopost. So yeah, thank you still, 😄

      Ps: Na pressure ako since you’re looking forward for more hehe! Well, let see!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha, there’s nothing to be afraid of. I believe in you Jean, and besides doon ka nagiging masaya, so why bother what other people thinks? Don’t worry about me kasi I’d support you regardless. Also, don’t pressure yourself because of me. Whatever works for you most. Hhh, nati-trigger talaga ako. Go Jean! 🙂


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